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  • How long does the process take?
    7 days following an in-shop molding appointment or arrival of a Rich Grillz DIY mold. All grillz are handmade in house so production time may be delayed due to high demand.
  • Does the karat of gold really matter for my grill?
    The higher the karat the higher the percentage of pure gold in your grill. 24K is the purest form of gold so to determine the amount of pure gold in your grill divide the karat by 24 Ex. 10k gold is equivalent to 42% pure gold, 22k gold is equivalent to 92% pure gold. 10k gold looks amazing and is more difficult to damage but opt for a higher karat gold if you: Want to smoke in your grill Want them to shine brighter at night or in dimly lit settings Want a more yellow colored gold (the higher the karat the more yellow the gold)
  • Do you recommend fangs with or without the connecting bar?
    Although individual fangs have an aesthetic appeal we recommend buying all fangs as a set with the connecting bar. The connecting bar provides more functionality and ease of use while maintaining durability. The connecting bar can be placed on top, behind or in front of your teeth.
  • How do I take care of my grill?
    Rule of thumb, clean your grill as often as you wear it. Meaning if you are wearing your grill daily you should be cleaning your grill daily, otherwise clean your grill after every use. We strongly suggest using our Rich Grillz Precious Metals & Grillz Cleaner, but if you do not have it: Mix scent-free liquid soap with lukewarm water Submerge your grill in the mixture for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Remove the grill and use a soft bristle brush to clean.
  • Can I eat and drink in my grillz?
    To extend the life of your grill we advise against eating and drinking in your grill, however if you choose to do use, drink responsibly (21+) and clean your grill thoroughly after use.
  • Can I smoke in my grillz?
    We advise against smoking in your grillz but if a client wants to smoke in their grillz it is recommended they go with a gold grill in 14k or higher to withstand the heat associated with smoking. Clients are encouraged to thoroughly clean their grill using our Rich Grillz Precious Metals and Grillz Cleaner after every use.
  • Do you make other jewelry besides grillz?
    Our custom jewelry brand, RG Jewelers & Company, specializes in custom jewelry like pendants, bracelets, chains and rings made from precious metals. We utilize 3D imaging technology to bring your custom jewelry ideas to life. If you are interested in creating a custom jewelry piece for you or a loved one schedule a consultation today.
  • Has COVID-19 affected the services you offer and production?
    We no longer accept walk-ins and are currently appointment only to allow us to safely socially distance and have sufficient time between consultations for thorough cleaning. Because we work closely with client’s mouths, we have always maintained a policy of frequent hand washing to prevent cross contamination and maintain cleanliness and will continue to do so. To eliminate possibilities of COVID infection, our production process has been changed to ensure sterility of grillz products. Overall production time has increased from 7 days to 14-21 days for standard sets and 21-28 days for diamond sets. We are no longer accepting Sunday appointments so we can produce every piece in a timely fashion.
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