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14k Gold SI/VS Diamond Grillz

14k Gold SI/VS Diamond Grillz

Please read before placing your order:


When placing your order please do the following:


  1. Choose your gold color choice (yellow, white, or rose)
  2. Choose the number of teeth you want for your grill
  3. Choose grill location, whether you want a top, bottom, or both
  4. Add to cart


Diamond Teeth Made With Authentically Certified SI/VS Diamonds


Diamond Grillz require two Appointments: Molding Appointment & Diamond Fitting


The diamond fitting is after the initial gold grillz are complete and before the diamonds are set to ensure the perfect fit.


Estimated Time of Completion Varies From 14-30 Days


Notice: To avoid delays in production time it is highly recommended to schedule your diamond fitting as soon as we notify you that your gold grillz are complete.

    PriceFrom $1,100.00