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Individual Tooth/ Slug

Silver $40

10k $75

14k $100

How long does the process take?

Our custom grillz take 3-5 days to complete. Concierge and Shipping orders take 7-10 days. (On occasion, production time can increase due to high volume.)

Daily Maintenance

Keep in mind, the human mouth contains an abundant amount of bacteria. Daily cleaning is recommended. Use scent-free liquid soap and lukewarm water with soft bristle brush. We strongly suggest using our Rich Grillz polishing cloth to restore your customs back to their original shine.

What’s the difference between 10k and 14k?

In the simplest terms, quality of gold. The purest form of gold is 24kt like the Bruno Mars song. Take 24 and divide it by the karat of your gold and you can find the quality of your piece. Ex:

24/10= .417 or 41.7% Gold

24/14= .585 or 58.5% Gold

Mind you, 10kt gold looks amazing and are more difficult to damage than higher karats. At the same time, the higher quality the piece the deeper the gold color and better your product will stand against heat from smoking with your grill. 



Rich Grillz serves the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Local clients can pick up their grillz 3-5 days after the molding appointment. 

Clients who take advantage of our DMV concierge service can expect delivery in 7-10 days. 

Rich Grillz ships molding kits nationwide. Clients who buy their Rich Grillz America Molding Kit can expect delivery in 10-14 days. 

Do you recommend getting individual fangs or a set of fangs with a bar connecting in the back?

Individual fangs look great and are a less expensive option, ideal for people who may have a gap or space between their lateral incisors. However, fangs with the connecting plate last much longer and give you the feel like you have the durability of a full set. This option is more expensive but well worth it.  

Multiple Teeth/ Custom Sets
(priced per tooth)

Silver $30

10k Gold $50

14k Gold $80

Platinum & 18k Gold available upon request

Yellow, White, and Rose Gold available

Pricing subject to change

Rich Grillz Cleaning Kit $20

Where Can I wear my grill?

No eating in any custom and removable sets. This invites bacteria to build up between the grill and teeth. No smoking in 10k Grillz or below. Drinking is recommended and somewhat encouraged. 

I cant make it to your shop? Is there another way to be molded?

Of course. Rich Grillz offers a concierge and delivery service. 

Concierge:  We send a specialist to your DMV based residential or commercial space. The specialist will mold your teeth and consult with you about your design. In a week, the specialist will return to the address with grill in hand ready to make any fitting adjustments needed. 

Cost $50-75.00


How do you price fangs with the bar/bridge across the top?

This set has grown in popularity over the years. The design itself offers all the advantages of a fang set w/ the addition of a trill bar going across the front lateral incisors. 

This style counts as five teeth (250 in 10k & 400 in 14k). Extensions are also available for $25 extra.