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How I got started making grillz?

I graduated from Bowie State University in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in History. After college my job prospects were minimal. I wasn’t actively looking for employment at the time either. I always figured that I would live as a student and philosopher well into my 30s. My aspirations were my own, I did not value the material. I desired to live a spiritual life.

A friend of mines named Marcus talked me into partnering with him and his brother on a We Buy Gold business in Baltimore, MD. We grew quickly. Eventually having three locations in Baltimore and satellite locations in Atlanta, GA and the diamond district in New York City. I was doing all of this while getting my master’s degree from Towson University in European Humanities.

One day I was at my kiosk in Security Square Mall and a gentleman of Muslim faith came by to buy some of my gold. His name was Feroz, a local jeweler in the area that would come by to purchase gold for his various projects. I was reading the Kuzari, by Judah Halevi In preparation for a presentation I was giving at the Georgetown synagogue. Helavi was a Jewish minister and philosopher living in Spain in the 7th Century. At the time, Spain was ran by Muslims in the midst of a Christian Crusade.

The book was about a King who wanted to convert from his traditional faith to a semitic religion. He brought in representatives from Christianity, Islam, and Judaism to counsel him on the decision. I would talk to Freon about what I was reading and he would give me context from his perspective and teachings as a Muslim. We grew close and he eventually offered me an apprenticeship that essentially took our business relationship to another level.

10 years later we are a leading name in the grillz industry and DMV jewelry scene. The education I received and am receiving is both cultural and tactical. I am excited on where this journey has taken me and grateful for every single customer that walks through our doors or patronizes us online.


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